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Warm up/ Cool down and finishing exercise videos

Penile Slapping

Girth exercise videos

The "Jelq" Milking Method Series

The V-Jelq Series

The Squeeze

Mini-Jelqs for Glans Size

ULI #3s for a "mushroom" shaped head (and general girth)

The Flexing Girth Exercise

"R's" Routine Jelq

Length exercise videos

The “Oriental Massage”

The Tension Stretch

The "Side-to-side Stretch"

The Leg Tuck Pull

The "AC" Lengthening Technique

The Slow Crank

The Ruler Stretch

DLD BLASTER..."The Ultimate Length Exercise"

Stamina exercise videos

Towel Raises

Curvature straightening exercise video

Erect Bends

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Extender instruction video

How To Use The ProExtender

Use in conjuction with the ProExtender

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