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What's your biggest fear?

After death and public speaking, that is? If you're like most men, your biggest worry is that your penis is too small. And if you're reading this, that fear is on your mind right now…that's why you're here.

And it could even be that you're right to worry about it…a recent survey by Durex Condoms found that 67% of all women admitted to being unhappy with their partner's penis size. Even if you have an average sized penis, are you sure you know what your partner is thinking when she sees you naked? Are you sure you know what she's thinking when you're making love? There's no reason to feel inadequate, but let's face facts: most men are worried about it, and well over half have a reason to be worried. You're not alone.

"Do I have a Small Penis?"

That fear of inadequacy lurking in the back of your mind has let charlatans and con artists take advantage of men just like you for decades, just as snake-oil salesman used to sell "foolproof cures" for baldness off the back of a wagon…and there were never any shortage of men to buy it. It's not because the men were stupid - just that they had a problem and wanted a cure.

You know what I'm talking about…you've probably seen all kinds of so-called "magic secrets" that promise to turn your minnow into Moby Dick. Sometimes it's magic pills, other times it's "100s of exercises," and yet other times it's roots and berries from the tops of mountains in Outer Tibet. What do they all have in common? By themselves, without individual guidance…

Scams don't work.

You may have even tried one or two, so you already know they don't work. Depressing, isn't it?

But here's the good news - remember those fake cures for baldness? Well, as you probably know, scientists DID eventually find relief for male pattern baldness. More importantly for you, they also found a way to enlarge your penis - safely and effectively. It's not a "secret" or a "magic cure" or a pill made from the tusk of a spotted zebra; it's just solid science.

Even though there is no cure-all or magic pill that works for everyone, every single man CAN enlarge his penis, by up to several inches. That may not make much sense, but I'll explain how it's possible in a minute. First let me prove it to you:

"R" added an INCREDIBLE 5 INCHES to his penis by using this program!

See "R"'s VIDEO, Pictures and Testimonial HERE!

Scott added 2 inches to his penis in just a few months on this program!

See Scott's Pictures and Testimonial HERE!

S. McKenzie went from 2 1/2 inches flaccid length to 6 1/4 inches flaccid length in less than 4 months on this program!

See S. McKenkie's Pictures and Testimonial HERE!

Audio Testimonial #1    Audio Testimonial #2    Audio Testimonial #3


This can happen to you too. This WILL happen to you. But there's a catch that I'll tell you about in a moment.

"How do I know you can help me?"

I'm AJ (Big Al) Alfaro, and I'm considered to be an authority on natural penile enlargement. You may have heard of my program on MSNBC and CNN, and if you have, you'll know I've revolutionized the world of natural penile enhancement and strengthening. In fact, since 1999 I've helped over 250,000 men achieve their penile enlargement goals.

And I'm not just talking about a couple of inches here and there, either. As you saw in the examples and testimonials of those Real Live Clinical photos above, some of my clients have gained up to 4-5 inches. But it's just as important to gain stamina, girth, strength, and hardness - having a ten inch penis that just hangs there limply won't do anyone any good, right?

"So how does your solution work?"

When you're feeling sick, do you hunt around on the internet for one size fits all "magic cures for sickness?" Of course not. You go to the doctor, and the doctor prescribes a solution designed for you personally. So when you want to change and enlarge your most precious body part, don't you think you ought to get professional, individualized advice?

That's what I do. I'm a professional Male Enhancement coach. I know from years of experience that no one solution works for everyone. But I also know that everyone, including you, can enlarge your penis beyond anything you ever dreamed of. I use the latest scientifically proven methods, vetted by the medical community and proven in real life practice, to give you the largest possible penis in the shortest possible time.

"Is your Process Scientifically Proven?"

The short answer is "yes." In fact...
Here's a link to medical proof.

The long answer is a bit more complicated:

Real, Permanent, Penis Enlargement exercises work in three ways:

  1. Hyperexpansion of the Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum

  2. Stretching the Tunica

  3. Stretching the Fundiform and Suspensory Ligaments

How to achieve this safely and effectively, without destroying sensation, is the hard part (excuse the pun). I work with you to develop the exercise routine, using the right tools, that will give you the fastest, safest, most effective male enhancement results possible. Which methods we decide to use depend on your goals, your physiology, and your comfort level.

And my coaching goes far beyond just increasing your stamina, girth, strength, and hardness, as you'll see below.

"I have a date tonight. Will I be bigger by then?"

Of course not. Would you believe me if I made ridiculous promises like that? I don't run a fly by night, sell-you-something-and-run-to-the-bank-laughing website. If I did I wouldn't have been in business, successfully, for over a decade. I wouldn't have been featured on MSNBC and CNN, and I wouldn't have tens of thousands of thrilled, completely satisfied clients.

My Penile Enlargement solution is for men who truly want their penis to become something they are proud of, and that takes time and commitment on your part. If you're looking for a quick fix, you won't find one here. In fact, you won't find one anywhere, but you'll certainly be able to find scam artists willing to take your cash!

What I can tell you is that you'll start to see results soon. If you're an average man, you can expect to see results within the ranges below:
  • Weeks 1-4: You’ll notice immediate gains in flaccid [un-erect length] within the first 2 weeks. By weeks 3-4, you'll start noticing obvious erect gains, harder erections, and improved stamina.
  • Weeks 5-8: Chances are that by now, your lover(s) will have said something about your size and improved stamina. Get ready to answer questions like "Has it grown?" or "Are you taking something?"
  • Weeks 9+: You'll probably have already added an inch or two in length, and an inch in girth. Remember, these are not just temporary gains – these are PERMANENT!
If you're serious about adding REAL inches to your penis, improving your sexual stamina, and bettering yourself as a man overall, then you want to read on.

What about that other stuff…you know…?"

I understand that there are a range of issues surrounding male enhancement that are all too often bypassed or set aside in the quest for a larger penis. In fact, I know of one man in late middle age whose entire life was affected by a question he was just too embarrassed to ask anyone - and I could have set his mind at rest in 5 minutes! You may not have anything as far reaching as that, but if you're like most men, you have questions, concerns, or insecurities that you can't talk about with the guys in the locker room.

That's why I've developed the only one of its kind holistic coaching process.

You'll have access to a complete male enhancement course designed for you personally, and most of my coaching will be concerned with one-on-one male enhancement (penis enlargement, sexual health, and fitness) advice and counsel. But I don't ONLY help you achieve a stronger, bigger, harder penis with huge stamina - I go much farther than that. I help you with:

Evaluation of your physical and psychological challenges and goals

Lifetime access to the famous "For Men Only!" course

And I'll answer any questions you have about:

Impotence/premature ejaculation

Men's fitness

Men's health

Dating and seduction

Specific lovemaking techniques

…or anything else you need to know.

"Wow, is there anything else I need to know about?"

My world-famous one-on-one coaching is more than any other program offers, but believe it or not I don't stop there. Not only do you get a fully accredited, personal male enhancement coach with over a decade of experience, using medically approved, proven techniques, and a personally designed plan to add length, girth, hardness, and stamina to your penis, but you get all this on top of it:


You'll get free unlimited access to "For Men Only II." "For Men Only II" focuses on ADVANCED penis enlargement techniques. Why not add some serious length in a second stage of enlargement? You'll also learn how to successfully build your own versions of all the best penis enlargement equipment, so you can stop wasting money on expensive aids.


You'll get free, unlimited access to our private ENLARGEMENT CONSULTATION FORUM. The Forum is constantly updated with all the latest penis enlargement information. You'll be able to study and discuss all the very latest penis enlargement information anonymously and without embarrassment with other men like you in our chat-rooms, and you'll even have access to a question and answer forum. And don't forget the Online Video Instructions in our Members' Area! The videos will instruct you step by step on how to perform the exercises correctly!


Access to the special report, "HOW TO GET INCREDIBLY HUGE AND SUPER-STRONG NATURALLY! There's more to you than your penis, even if it sometimes seems otherwise. This amazing fitness report will show you how to get in the best shape of your life without having to use dangerous steroids or expensive supplements! You'll learn how to work out and burn fat, build muscle and become the Adonis waiting inside you. This report normally sells for $33.95, but if you join now, you'll receive it absolutely free!

"How much does all this cost?

How much would you pay if someone guaranteed to make your penis bigger than you can even imagine? $1000? $10,000? Most of my clients say it's priceless. What would you say?

The bottom line is that you'll get all of this for just $29 per month, with no time limit. You can quit anytime you want without any penalty, and you'll still have lifetime access to all the bonuses and "For Men Only" courses.

The only catch is that there are a limited number of spaces available, which is why you'll find this opportunity closed from time to time.

I've been helping men to achieve a larger penis and fulfill their very best potential for over a decade and I take my vocation very seriously. That's why I just can't take an unlimited number of clients. But from time to time spaces open up and I'm able to accept new clients, so right now a limited enrollment is open for men who are willing to seriously work toward enhancing their manhood and improving their love life. And that's the key - please don't sign up if you're not serious about your future love life - but if you are…

Change Your Life. Act Now.

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Q. I can't seem to stick to my training. Is there some sure fire way to make sure that I can stick to my workout plans?

Big Al: Keeping a journal will help you with that. You can write out what you plan to do the day before. Having an obligation to yourself in writing should make you more prone to sticking to your plan.

You also have to find it within yourself to stay motivated. You might try training first thing in the morning so that you can get it out of the way. Accomplishing your training early in the day can also help the rest of your day go well- as you'll have that sense of accomplishment to give you a boost.

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